Guarantee & Servicing:

Brevetplus is an independent watch customisation company and we are not affliated with any of the original watch brands or watch manufacturers who’s products we customise and offer for sale. Watches sold by Brevetplus will be serviced by Brevetplus. Original manufacturer is under no obligation to service repair or refund these products.
Brevetplus Guarantees all watches to be original and unworn.
All watches are pressure tested before delivery to our customers Aftermarket Additions, Modifications and Customisations voids the manufacturers warranty.
Aftermarket additions have not been endorsed or licensed by the manufacturer, BREVETPLUS will offer 24 months warranty from the date of purchase which will cover accuracy of the timekeeping ( watch movement ), case and dial.
All coatings are covered for 12 months period from the date of purchase.

BREVETPLUS disclaims any liability for consequential or incidental damages for breach or written or implied warranty on this watch, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.