Q: Can this watch be serviced at the Manufacturer’s Service Centre?
A: No as the Official Manufacturer’s Service Centres don’t offer any service to customised or modified watches. Brevetplus will provide service to watches sold by Brevetplus at our own Rolex trained watch technicians. We only have a UK based service centre in London at the moement.

Q: Does the watch come with any boxes or papers work?
A: Yes, every watch sold by Brevetplus comes with it’s original box and Brevetplus 2 years In-House warranty which covers the case, dial and the movement.

Q: Do you Customise Pre Owned watches?
A: ( i ) We customise brand new watches offered on our website (ii ) We can customise our customers personal used watch at their request under our bespoke customisation facility

Q: Will the BLACK Coating Wear Off?
A: Black Coating will not wear off under normal wear and tear, only if the watch was subject to extreme abrasion against a hard and rough surface or sharp object will damage the coating. Coating can be reapplied during the service.

Q: Are these watches Water resistant?
A: Yes all watches offered by Brevetplus are pressure tested and tested for water resistance for delivered to the customers.